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Introducing MARTYN's Law
Counter terrorism training

We are committed in assisting the UK government to help improve the safety and security of public spaces and venues as outlined in its 2019 manifesto, and more recently, as part of the consultation process for Martyn’s Law.

One of the main requirements for the new legislation will be for businesses to obtain Counter Terrorism (CT) Advice and undertake CT training.  The new legislation will ensure that those responsible for locations can improve their security by early interventions and be ready and prepared to take the appropriate action, should a terrorist attack happen. MaST and Crisicast joint training solutions will ensure that your business and personnel are compliant ready, and understand the importance of having simple and available ‘true to life’ awareness training as part of any new staff and refresher programme.

Take a look at our suite of online learning packages below and allow us to build the necessary elements in order to help your staff identify the signs of hostile reconnaissance and how to take appropriate actions.

Digital course
Behavioural Detection

This entry-level course in the basics of Behavioural Detection creates an organisation-wide culture of involvement in risk reduction and keeping public spaces protected by spotting a threat before it becomes one. This need is relevant to any crowded place that needs to reduce its threat risk - retail businesses, entertainment and sports venues, airports, ports, rail stations – just by involving employees in the team effort to keep themselves and their organisation safe.

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Dramatised Learning
Counter Terrorism Baseline

Ex-head of the National Counter Terrorism Security Office, Chris Philipps, presents this five-part course that gives concise instructions not only on how to respond to an incident but on how to create a security culture at work, at home and when travelling for business. An entry level course for all employees, their families and colleagues.

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Digital course
Critical Incident Response

As a critical incident evolves before your eyes, follow the hapless Innes up her steep learning curve from being peremptorily drafted into the role of Loggist for her company’s Incident Management Team to ensuring the organisation emerges well from the subsequent official enquiry.

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Dramatised Learning
Cyber Security Awareness

Based around a three part drama, this course examines essential learning for entry level cybersecurity. Recently promoted at work, our hero posts her new job on LinkedIn, unaware that hackers are targeting exactly that sort of post. She gets hit with a ransomware attack on her new work laptop last thing on Friday and has the weekend to try to sort things out with the help of her old boyfriend who is something of a geek - which causes some discomfort for her current boyfriend … who isn’t. This is one of our best sellers - including a mandated roll out for one of the four big banks to all global employees.

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Critical National Infrastructure HUB

High Dependency

We ALL heavily depend on critical national infrastructure to deliver essential services that are absolutely crucial to our way of life. Crisiscast and MaST can help you develop a Security-Minded approach and lift the fog from a potential security breach or incident that is waiting to happen.

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Is the UK a potential target

In the UK alone, there are 13 critical national infrastructure sectors recognised by the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) that Terrorist groups or certain individuals may seek to cause harm to the economy by placing them under attack.

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Finance and Banking

The UK is a world-leading centre for finance and banking, and our position as a hub for international companies and investment remains one of the strongest in the world. There are over 2.3 million people across the UK working in the industry.

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Food and Water

Previous attacks on water treatment works where chemical controls were compromised have proven that any major security disruption could affect how suppliers deliver their critical services.

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Communication facilities and systems are a critical component of any national security and emergency preparedness and therefore constitute an important component of the overall critical infrastructure.

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Transport Networks

Protecting Transport Networks and hubs is identified as one of the top sectors at risk from acts of sabotage or terrorism.

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Critical energy infrastructure such as oil and gas, electricity grids and other storage facilities are increasingly becoming the target for terrorist attacks.

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Impact On Us

Daily life depends on protecting these facilities including the public spaces we use and take for granted.
MaST and Crisiscast are wholly committed and focused in providing advice, consultancy services and bespoke training to both public and private sector bodies who have a responsibility for protecting these assets.
Our unique ability to combine story telling with tailored security risk training solutions will assist your personnel to recognise the threats, minimise the risks, comply with current and new policies, and respond to any incidents or breaches of security.

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Really enjoyable few hours. Enjoyed the variety of 'presentations' and felt I gained a lot.

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Engaging as always. Great to investigate process and not just focus on solution.

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This is an excellent company! I personally enjoyed the energy and the professional support the whole team gave to us into creating website.

J Neal Creative Director

As always a well facilitated and enlightening session. Lots of food for thought. Thank you.

H Miller Royal Mail
Chris brings the experience of a distinguished career within the Metropolitan Police Force with particular expertise in Counter Terrorism (CT) strategy, protective security, CT training, risk assessment and quality assurance. He has vast expertise in risk and crisis management, with an enviable reputation for delivery at both an operational and strategic level. He was responsible for training, accrediting, tasking and co-ordinating over 250 Counter Terrorism Security Advisers across the UK. Chris is also a Graduate of the City and Guilds, a fellow of the Security Institute and the Chartered International Institute of Security and Crisis Management. With over five decades of experience in the physical security industry, our team of experts will be able to help you choose the best solution to suit your needs and help your organisation become more resilient.
CHRIS PHILLIPS GCCI, FCiiSCM, FSyl. (Lead Security Advisor)
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